Triple Threat Training serves to help better the skills of young basketball players through high intesity workouts, and excelled skill work. 

It's great to watch basketball but it's a lot more fun and fulfilling to play. And Triple Threat Training is dedicated to helping basketball players of all levels become better and increase their love for the game.

Hard Work Pays Off

Players need to take advantage of every opportunity to improve their skills. This is done not only through the Triple Threat high intensity training sessions, but also through their perspective team practices as well. The skills that are taught by Triple Threat training are done so under the direction of top-notch internation skill instructor Terrance Parham. It is our hope that we are giving players the foundation they need to excel at the middle school, high school, college, and for some, the pro-level.

Our Services

  • Camps
  • Indicidual Training
  • Coaches Clinics 
  • AAU Basketball

Slamming It up on the Baesketball Court


United States Basketball Association (USBA) Basketball is coming back to Pittsburgh this summer. The camp will be held June 21-22 at the Clique Athletics Compund located: 2920 McKelvey Road Extension, Edgewood PA 15222

Coaches Clinics: 

Individual Traing Packages

Silver: 4 Skill Sessions per Month $225.00

Gold: 8 Skill Sessions per Month $450.00

Platinum: 12 Skill Sessions per Month $600.00

AAU Basketball:  

Fall/Winter Coaches Clinic T.B.A.

Individual Training:  

Triple Threat is paired up with Slaam AAU Basketball!!

For additional AAU Basketball informtion contact Terrance's Partner Jamal Woodson @ 412-475-1294